About me


Hi, I’m George. My father and his father were of the carpenter trade, and I’m pretty sure there were uncles and cousins that found themselves building for a living. There was always some exposure to residential remodeling and construction, right from my earliest memories.


I grew up in Greene County, TN. Then there was college, the Navy, blue-collar ‘anywhere’ work, and the construction in my blood found me on a residential framing crew. I then worked as part of a crew that exposed me to the variety of products and installation that residences are built with.. from the concrete footings with steel rebar, to the ridge cap over the shingle-roof. During this work, I finished school with an associates in drafting and a B.A.S. & minor in Engineering Technology. I drafted plans using AutoCAD software for about seven years and needed to get back outside.


My experience amounts to 20 years, give or take, in the construction industry. From the shovel, to the best fit possible in hardwood mantles and staircases, and drawing the construction details. I’ll pay attention to those details.


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